Stoke Lacy Neighbourhood Development Plan (NDP)

Stoke Lacy Neighbourhood Development Plan Notice of Referendum – 12th January 2023 (Click here)

Referendum version of the Referendum NDP Document (Click to open)


Referendum version of the Referendum NDP Document (Click to open)

Herefordshire Council – NDP Referendum Date: Thursday 12th January 2023

The NDP and all associated documentation has now been review by an independent examiner. There were several areas where changes were recommended and these together with revised public views have been added. A link to the Examiners report is below:

Stoke Lacy Parish Neighbourhood Plan 2021 – 2031 Independent Examiner’s Report, October 2022 

PC Responses to Reg 16 Comments v3


Following approval by the Parish Council at the PC meeting in April, the NDP and supporting documents have now been formally submitted to Herefordshire Council. Herefordshire Council will publish the Submission Plan for consideration for a further 6 weeks.

The 8 documents below are the submitted documents:

  1. Submission Plan Final
  2. Consultation Statement Final
  3. Basic Conditions Statement Final
  4. Stoke Lacy Appropriate Assessment report
  5. Stoke Lacy Environment Report
  6. Stoke Lacy Parish Policies Map
  7. Stoke Lacy Village Policies Map
  8. Stoke Cross Village Policies Map

Click the link below for the Stoke Lacy NDP page on the Herefordshire Council website:

Stoke Lacy Parish Neighbourhood Development Plan overview of process

On the 5th February 2020, we held the first NDP Parish Meeting to explain and discuss support for the Stoke Lacy NDP. This meeting was attended by around 60 residents of the Parish, Lynda Wilcox from the Herefordshire Association of Local Councils (HALC)and the newly formed Stoke Lacy NDP Steering Group. It has taken over 2 years of regular Steering Group Meetings, Parish Questionnaires, guidance from Herefordshire Council, Planning Consultants and various other activities for the Stoke Lacy NDP SG and Parish Council to reach this important stage.

On Monday 17th January 2022, the NDP entered the Formal 6 week Consultation stage which is known as Regulation 14. At this stage, we present the residents of Stoke Lacy with a draft version of the NDP Document and the NDP Design Codes along with several other formal documents. To promote the NDP and show the community the extensive work that has been undertaken, two ‘Drop in’ style open Parish meetings were held on Wednesday 19th January – Village Hall 7pm to 9pm & Saturday 22nd January – Village Hall 2pm to 4pm. At these two meetings, parishioners had the opportunity to review, read and feedback on the documentation prepared by the Steering group and Parish Council. There was an attendance of around 20% of the Stoke Lacy community and in general the events were well attended and received a positive verbal response.

Once the 6 week Consultation period had ended, all the comments and feedback received from Stoke Lacy Parishioners, Businesses, interested parties and stakeholders were analysed and where appropriate, the Draft NDP Document updated. The completed documents were sent to Herefordshire Council for review.

NDP Steering Group

The next Steering Group Meeting will be scheduled when required and the date and details updated on this website. All Residents are welcome and if you would like to raise points about the draft NDP and associated documents please do come along. In the meantime if you have any queries please email our Parish Clerk on:

Thank you – Stoke Lacy NDP SG


NDP Regulation Formal Documentation below:

Section 1. Regulation 14 Documents (click on the title to open the link)

Consultation period runs from – Monday 17th January 2022 to 5pm Monday 7th March 2022

Reg 14 – Parish Meetings Village Hall Displays

NDP Reg 14 Plan (complete version)

NDP Reg 14 Plan Response Form (Word version)

NDP Reg 14 Plan Response From (PDF version)

Comments are also invited on the NDP Design Codes Document (See below in Section 3 Technical Evidence)

NDP Design Codes Response Form (Word version)

NDP Design Codes Response Form (PDF version)

Copies of letter / email sent to consultees

Poster for NDP Parish Meetings

Flyer delivered to all Parishioners by NDP SG & PC

Environment Report – Dec 2021

Appropriate Assessment Report – Dec 2021

Section 2. Public Consultation

Issues & options phase

Public meeting notes – February 2020

Complete Final version of the Issues and Option Document

Issues & Options Summary and Questionnaire version (v5)

Issues & Options Survey Results (Bar Charts)

Issues & Options Survey Results

Draft Plan and Options for Sites

Complete version of First Draft Plan v2

Draft Plan Summary V2

Call For Sites Parish Consultation

Call for Sites Parish Consultation response form

Response to Call for Sites (Bar Graph)

Settlement Boundaries Responses

Response to Settlement Boundaries (Bar Graph)

Transcript of Comments Consultation Responses

Consultation Advice for NDP’s during Covid Restrictions

Section 3. Technical Evidence

AECOM Site Assessment Documents

AECOM Site Assessment Addendum (Site13)

NDP Design Codes Consultation Document

Planning Policy Assessment and Review of Technical Evidence

Herefordshire Council Core Strategy

New Local Plan

Herefordshire Council NDP Page

Conservation Area

Guidance for developers – current development in River Lugg catchment area


Comments & Contact Details

You can comment by: email at or posting in NDP collection boxes situated at the Church and Village Hall.

Thank you for your time

Thank you – Stoke Lacy NDP SG


Introduction to Stoke Lacy NDP – Your chance to shape Stoke Lacy’s future

What are the benefits of producing a Neighbourhood Development Plan?

A Neighbourhood Development Plan can help the community play a greater role in shaping the future of their area. It can bring together local residents, businesses, community groups, landowners and developers to share ideas and build consensus about what development needs to be implemented and what is beneficial for the local community. It can also help build relationships between the local community and service providers. A neighbourhood development plan (NDP) offers communities the only real opportunity to set the priorities and design principles for planning within their area. Without one, a neighbourhood can be exposed to whatever development the local council and developers deem necessary.

The Neighbourhood Development Plan entails considerable work and community involvement and engagement will be essential if the project is to be successful. An NDP Steering Group has been set up under the responsibility of the Parish Council who are working actively on behalf of the community.

Background to NDP project 2019 – 2020

Following an invitation to all Stoke Lacy residents from the parish council, a public meeting was held on the 6th October 2019 to establish whether there was interest in developing a Neighbourhood Development Plan for Stoke Lacy. At that meeting a representative from Herefordshire council introduced the subject and provided information about NDPs. After a discussion, a vote was held amongst the members of the public attending and it was agreed that a steering group should be formed to move forward with a Neighbourhood Development Plan for the parish.

Everyone from the Parish was invited to an initial launch of the NDP project on Wednesday 5th February 2020 at Stoke Lacy Village Hall to start sharing a vision for our community. Around 60 members of the community attended and HALC (Herefordshire Association of Local Councils) hosted the meeting to describe and outline the requirements of the NDP and how important it is for Parishes to have an imput to local planning decisions.

For more detailed information on NDP’s please visit Herefordshire Council website here

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