Neighbourhood Development Plan (NDP)

**** Please Note: Due to Covid 19 regulations, the Community meetings planned for 18th & 21st November have been postponed ****

(There will be updates on this website as they become available and the situation will be reviewed in early December)

Latest news: Now is your chance to have your say on the first stages of the Stoke Lacy NDP. All parishioners have received a Summary Issues & Options document which contains various questions and spaces for your valuable feedback. Please complete this as soon as possible and drop off at the Post boxes in either the Church Porch or the Village Hall. If you are unable to leave your house and want to complete the questions and email to us, please use the Word or PDF documents below.

All responses must be returned by the 30th November 2020 after which the results will be analysed by the Planning Consultant.

If you experience any difficulties or want to talk with a member of the NDP Steering group please email or telephone 01885 448102 (leave your details and we will phone you back)

This is your Parish…….your plan…….so have your say.

Here is a summary version of the Issues & Options with questions and feedback delivered to all Parishoners Issues & Options – Summary and Questions (click to open)

Here is a copy of the full Issues and Options document developed by the NDP Steering Group Issues & Options – full document (click to open)

Here are the responses to the call for sites in August Call for Sites – Proposed sites for development (locations) (click to open)

Here are the proposals for Settlement Boundaries Settlement Boundaries options (click to open)

Word copy of Questions and Comments (Instructions: open Word document, download onto your local drive, complete form and save. Send a copy to

PDF Copy of Questions and Comments (Instructions: open PDF document, print a copy, complete form in black ink, scan into your computer. Send a copy to

If you experience any problems, please either email or phone 01885 448102

Next NDP Steering Group meeting 25th November 6:30pm by Video call (if you would like to participate, please contact the Parish Clerk


Your chance to shape Stoke Lacy’s future

What are the benefits of producing a Neighbourhood Development Plan?

A Neighbourhood Development Plan can help the community play a greater role in shaping the future of their area. It can bring together local residents, businesses, community groups, landowners and developers to share ideas and build consensus about what development needs to be implemented and what is beneficial for the local community. It can also help build relationships between the local community and service providers. A neighbourhood development plan (NDP) offers communities the only real opportunity to set the priorities and design principles for planning within their area. Without one, a neighbourhood can be exposed to whatever development the local council and developers deem necessary.

The Neighbourhood Development Plan entails considerable work and community involvement and engagement will be essential if the project is to be successful. An NDP Steering Group has been set up under the responsibility of the Parish Council who are working actively on behalf of the community.

Background to NDP project 2019 – 2020

Following an invitation to all Stoke Lacy residents from the parish council, a public meeting was held on the 6th October 2019 to establish whether there was interest in developing a Neighbourhood Development Plan for Stoke Lacy. At that meeting a representative from Herefordshire council introduced the subject and provided information about NDPs. After a discussion, a vote was held amongst the members of the public attending and it was agreed that a steering group should be formed to move forward with a Neighbourhood Development Plan for the parish.

Everyone from the Parish was invited to an initial launch of the NDP project on Wednesday 5th February 2020 at Stoke Lacy Village Hall to start sharing a vision for our community. Around 60 members of the community attended and HALC (Herefordshire Association of Local Councils) hosted the meeting to describe and outline the requirements of the NDP and how important it is for Parishes to have an imput to local planning decisions.

For more detailed information on NDP’s please visit Herefordshire Council website here

Or you can contact the clerk of the Stoke Lacy Parish Council, Alma Westwood 01885 490286

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