NDP SG Notes 4th Nov 2020

Stoke Lacy Neighbourhood Development Plan Steering Group Meeting 4th November 2020 at 6:30pm at the Plough Inn.

Attendees: Jo Davies, Carole Leonard, Meg Warren, James Wilson, Freddie Lewis, Bill Morgan

Apologies: Alma Westwood, Martyn Gillam, Ali Parker.


  1. AECOM
    1. AECOM is now including site 11 in the CFS as access is onto Woodend Lane which is in the parish.
    1. AECOM will be visiting the parish this week to make assessments of the sites offered.
    1. Their interim report should be sent by 18th November and the full report before Christmas.
  2. Responses to Issues and Options
  1. 13 responses have now been received to the mini- questionnaire distributed to all residents.
    1. A discussion took place about ways to encourage more participation, it was thought many people are waiting for the public meetings to take place – see item 4 below.
    1. The deadline for submission of questionnaires is 30th November.
  2. Public Meetings
    1. In light of new government Covid-19 restrictions introduced for November it was agreed to postpone the public meetings planned for November. These will now be scheduled for January with specific dates announced in December.
    1. The postponement will be publicized in the following ways; – On the NDP website, via an email to all Cider Press contacts list, via the Hereford Times edition 12th November, posters around the village will be updated by CL.
    1. The advantage of having the public meetings in January will be that the AECOM call for sites guidance will be complete and the questionnaires will have been received with feedback.
  3. Ideas to encourage more responses to  I&O
    1. JW gave statistics on how much traffic is visiting the NDP website: 248 unique views, 5,547-page views, 6,000 hits. In the month of September 2,457 hits. In October 50 downloads of the summary of I&O questionnaires.24 downloads of settlement boundaries and call for sites map.
    1. SG suggests attention-grabbing headline in the announcement of postponement of public meetings. Use the opportunity to encourage completion and participation in I&O feedback by 30th November and attach a copy of the questionnaire as well.
  • AOB
  • BM and FL suggested parking the development of the NDP video for now. SG agreed to work on the format of the public meetings in the interim between now and January.
  • BM suggests workshop format for public meetings.
  • CL suggests placement of Parish and CFS maps in the window of the village hall, so that it may be viewed from outside. Also posting these maps on the website.
  • It was agreed the full AECOM report will be posted on the website and a short summary/map of their conclusions red, amber, green – classification of sites.
  • A short discussion took place about finances and MW agreed to consult Localities further regarding additional funding.

The meeting closed at 7.30pm

Future meetings

NDP MeetingsParish Council Mtgs For info.
DateTimeLocationMeeting details
Wed 11th18:30VideoNDP Steering Group 
Wed 11thNovember19:30Video / Village HallParish Council meetingpostponed
Wed 18th Nov18:0020:00Village Hall/VideoCommunity meetingspostponed
Sat21st Nov10:0014:00Village Hall/VideoCommunity meetingspostponed
Wed 25thNovember18:30VideoNDP Steering Group 
Wed 2nd Dec18:30Plough?NDP Steering GroupWed 9th Dec 19:30
Wed 6th Jan18:30Plough?NDP Steering Group 
Wed 20th Jan18:30Plough?NDP Steering Group 

Activities and suggested target dates:

Thursday 20th August             Send all completed ‘Call for Sites’ proposals to AECOM


Monday 31st August                Latest version of Issues and Options document

completed and sent to Louise for review (SG & BM) Wednesday2nd September       NDP SG – outline format, activities and owners for

Community Meeting (SG)

Friday 11th September              Final draft of I&O to Louise

Wednesday 16th September Wednesday 23rd September

SG meeting – check progress for Community Meeting preparation (SG)

Final adjustments to I&O

Wednesday 23rd September     Video Call with AECOM

Friday 25th September              Final comments to Louise (BM)

Monday 28th September

Wednesday 7th October

Distribute final Issues and Options document to Stoke Lacy Parish Council for comments at November meeting (SG)

NDP SG – check impact of communications (SG)

Wednesday 14th October          Parish Council approval for Issues & Options doc.

Thursday 15th October Wednesday 21st October

Advertise date of Community Meeting on Village hall & Freddie’s gate etc., (CL, MW)

Possible SG meeting – progress check for Community Meeting and communications (SG)

Wednesday 4th NovemberNDP SG – check final preparations for Community meeting (SG)
Wednesday 18th NovemberNDP Community meeting 6pm to 8pm (SG) Postponed
Saturday 21st NovemberNDP Community meeting 10am to 2pm (SG)Postponed
November/DecemberCollate all data from Community Meetings and update NDP documentation (All & LK)
January 2021Public Meetings Dates tbc