NDP SG Notes 30th June 2021

Stoke Lacy Neighbourhood Development Plan Steering Group Meeting 30th June 2021 at 7:00

Attendees: Ali Parker, Carole Leonard, Meg Warren, James Wilson, Bill Morgan, Louise Kirkup, Anne Reece, Janet Ivison, Paul Hayden

Apologies: Martin Gillam, Jo Davies


  1. Groundworks Grant update (BM)
    1. Grant applied form and full amount granted. Acceptance form completed. Will take 5-10 days before it arrives in the Parish Bank account.
  • Responses from Landowners (BM)
    • Following feedback from the community concerning the size of developments, we emailed Mr Symonds asking if he would consider smaller developments and possible green spaces.
    • However, Mr Symonds was reluctant to attend a public meeting and suggested a private meeting which is unacceptable as all NDP meeting need to be held in public.
    • The SG agreed that we have done our best to engage with all landowners and have taken on board the comments made by Sally Horsenett.  
    • Action: BM to email Mr Symonds and point out that we can only meet at a public place, which is open for all the community to attend. 
  • AECOM Technical design codes (MW)
    • Meg discussed progress and said that there is a call arranged with Simon Hargreaves next Tuesday after which they will arrange a site visit.
    • Simon has a clear understanding of our needs and has dealt with rural NDP in the past so it looks quite promising from our perspective.
  • Progress on report for Parish Council (BM)
    • Louise has drafted a summary of the Sites and included the legal and technical aspects we need to cover.
    • BM putting together a brief recommendation from the NDP Steering Group that will then be sent for review to the Parish Council. 
    • Action: BM to draft and send to SG for review.
  • Update – Impact of Council’s Phosphate Position Statement on NDP & planning (CL + all)
    • Jonathan Lester to attend the next Parish Council meeting (July 14th) and provide an update. 
  • Next stages for NDP Doc, green spaces & settlement boundaries? (LK + all)
    • Louise has sent BM a draft copy of the NDP Reg 14 document marked up with areas that the SG need to complete and review.
    • Action: SG to assist in reviewing and completing all text in red and review the whole document.
    • Action: Member of the SG needed to own and draft the text for footpaths. 
    • Action: Paul to contact Sanctuary regarding ‘Green’ spaces at Newlands.
    • Action: BM to contact HC and investigate possibility of development outside Settlement Boundaries where Parish Council and Community approve.
  • Agree provisional Date of Village Hall meeting pending announcements 
    • BM proposed that we put in provisional dates for the Community Meeting in the Village Hall after the 2nd week in September. If all restrictions are lifted on the 19th July then we should be able to go ahead. 
    • SG Agreed that we should go ahead and agreed that we should hold two sessions, one of a Wednesday evening and one on a Saturday afternoon.
    • Dates proposed are Wednesday 15th September & Saturday 18th September.
  • Next NDP SG meeting dates (below)
    • We have some questions that need answering from Herefordshire Council and Jonathan Lester.
    • JW proposed that we ask Lynda to attend the Community meetings.
    • Action: BM to contact Sam Banks and Jonathan Lester and propose that they attend NDP SG on the 27th July.
    • Action: BM to contact Lynda and ask if she will be able to attend all or part of Community Meetings.
    • Action: SG to prepare list of questions for Sam and Jonathan which will be sent to them before the meeting.

Proposed Future meetings

NDP MeetingsParish Council MtgsFor info.
DateTimeLocationMeeting details
Tuesday27th Jul7:00PloughNDP SG meetingCommunity NDP meeting – Plan14th Jul 7:00
Tuesday10th Aug7:00PloughNDP SG meetingCommunity NDP meeting – Activity11th Aug 7:00
Wednesday 25th Aug7:00PloughNDP SG meetingCommunity NDP meeting – Prep8th Sep 7:00
Wednesday 1st Sep7:00PloughNDP SG meetingCommunity NDP meeting – Prep 
Tuesday 14th Sep7:00 PloughNDP SG meetingCommunity NDP meeting – Prep 
Wednesday15th Sep7:00 Village HallCommunity NDP meeting 
Saturday 18th Sep14:00Village HallCommunity NDP meeting 

Activities and suggested target dates:

Sep 2021Community meetings in Village Hall
Oct 2021Community referendum?