NDP SG Agenda 27th July 2021


Stoke Lacy Neighbourhood Development Plan Steering Group Meeting 27th July 2021 at 7:00pm in Plough and Louise over video call.

Attendees: Jo Davies, Ali Parker, Carole Leonard, Meg Warren, James Wilson, Bill Morgan, Freddie LewisLouise Kirkup, Janet Ivison, Anne Reece

Guests: Sam Banks, Jonathan Lester Agenda:

  1. 1)  Introductions & welcome (JW)
  2. 2)  Questions and queries to HCC (MW)
  3. 3)  Responses from HCC (SB & JL)(Jonathan & Sam leave meeting)
  4. 4)  AECOM Technical design codes (MW & CL)
  5. 5)  Zesta Planning – Proposed development on A465 (All)
  6. 6)  Remaining information needed for NDP Doc, green spaces & settlement boundaries? (LK + all)
  7. 7)  Planning for Parish Meetings in September (all)a. Possibly 2nd week in September? b. Village Hall meeting (all)
    c. What do we need to prepare?i. Sign-in and COVID safety?
    ii. James to lead? Louise and SG to support?iii. NDP Questionnaire results (Charts & Comments)
    iv. Food and drink? Cans, packet of crisps, biscuits (all COVID safe)
  1. 8)  Next NDP SG meeting dates
  2. 9)  AOB

Proposed Future meetings NDP Meetings

Date Time ??? 7:00



Meeting details

NDP SG meeting

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Activities and suggested target dates:
Sep 2021 
15th & 18th Community meetings in Village Hall