NDP SG Notes 27th July 2021

Stoke Lacy Neighbourhood Development Plan Steering Group Meeting 27th July 2021 at 7:00

Attendees: Carole Leonard, Meg Warren, James Wilson, Bill Morgan, Janet Ivison, Jo Davies

Video: Louise Kirkup, 

Guests: Jonathan Lester, Sam Banks

Apologies: Ali Parker


  1. Questions & queries

SB explained that whilst SL has exceeded its target for housing supply there still needs to be allocation for future growth in the NDP.

And, this can be satisfied by the identification of one or two sites with a small number of dwellings and with additional windfall growth.

The NDP must seek to future proof the housing allocation for the parish up until the Herefordshire core strategy target of 3031.

However, she did admit that even once this is done, if the county as a whole does not meet its housing targets it is still possible for any provision in the NDP to be overridden by county wide requirements for housing.

Her advice was to get the NDP completed as soon as possible so that it is made before the revised Herefordshire Core Strategy comes in for review in spring 2022.

At present Herefordshire Council is exceeding its 5-year land supply.

2) Settlement Boundaries

Contradicts scattered settlements.

SB said that settlement boundaries must have defensible boundaries such as hedges, roads, rivers etc

At present our boundaries are very tight and the debate is as to whether the boundaries should include or exclude gardens.

If not sufficient for 5 year land supply, planning may be approved adjacent to settlement boundaries.

But growth must be proportional.

Deposits 15%


And depends on schools, buses, infrastructure

At the time of determination of the planning application. 

Green space designations need to be identified

Cricks Green

Stoke Lacy/Stoke Cross – 2012 work

A discussion took place regarding whether or not Cricks Green should be allocated as a settlement in its own right. The much Marcle NDP has added an additional settlement to its plan. Could look at this in relation to Cricks Green if, in consultation with the community this was deemed appropriate.

SB said a strong case would need to be made as it would be outside the settlements allocated under the core strategy.

JL – thought it may be possible given its closer proximity to Bromyard’s more plentiful infrastructure and facilities?

Jonathan Lester

Key point: Proportional growth

Decision Maker decides what is proportional

HCC Planning Officer – Planning inspector are ultimate Decision Makers

Applications are decided by decision maker

Then only challengeable in the high court

Drainage Issues

Drainage issues around phosphates at present mean all NDPs are in abeyance, however SB suggested adding the phrase ‘nutrient neutrality’ to the NDP with regard to future planning could be acceptable. Ie., No development can progress unless there is adequate provision for this in any development.

SB – This may be acceptable to Herefordshire Council and could be a way of enabling progress of the NDP Louise and SB to discuss wording

Public Meetings and next steps

Aim to have NDP complete in 18 months

AECOM – Design Codes ready for public meetings 

Interim or draft by public meeting

Wed 15th Sept & Sat 18th September

7-9pm & 2-4pm

8. Tech design – codes

Simon Hargraves leading this project. MW and CL liaising

Carole & Meg walk around with Simon, consider the business opportunity for development in Hopton Lane.

SB – design codes key to shaping the character and nature of future developments in the NDP.

Proposed Future meetings

NDP MeetingsParish Council MtgsFor info.
DateTimeLocationMeeting details
Tuesday10th Aug7:00PloughNDP SG meetingCommunity NDP meeting – Activity11th Aug 7:00
Wednesday 25th Aug7:00PloughNDP SG meetingCommunity NDP meeting – Prep8th Sep 7:00
Wednesday 1st Sep7:00PloughNDP SG meetingCommunity NDP meeting – Prep 
Tuesday 14th Sep7:00 PloughNDP SG meetingCommunity NDP meeting – Prep 
Wednesday15th Sep7:00 Village HallCommunity NDP meeting 
Saturday 18th Sep14:00Village HallCommunity NDP meeting 

Activities and suggested target dates:

Sep 2021Community meetings in Village Hall
Oct 2021Community referendum?