NDP SG Notes 2nd Sep 2020

Stoke Lacy Neighbourhood Development Plan Steering Group Meeting 2nd September 2020 at 6.30pm held at Stoke Lacy Village Hall.


Attendees: Carole Leonard, Meg Warren, Marcel Carrier, Bill Morgan, Jo Davies, Freddie Lewis, Ali Parker, Martyn Gillam and Alma Westwood.
Apologies: James Wilson
In attendance via Zoom: Louise Kirkup

  1. Call for sites. The group briefly discussed the twelve call for sites which have been offered, these are spread around the whole parish, at Stoke Cross, Stoke Lacy and more rurally.
    • BM explained that he expects to hear from AECOM shortly and will arrange a zoom call with them and the group to discuss local issues which may affect the technical viability of the sites.
    • AECOM have reported it could take up to 3 months for them to finalise their conclusions. This could cause a delay in being ready for the public meetings planned for November. BM will encourage them to complete the process as soon as possible.
    • LK explained that the I&O could include draft proposals from AECOM.
    • BM has contacted Sam Banks from Herefordshire Council to establish whether the Herefordshire call for sites has established any additional sites to the twelve that the Stoke Lacy CFS has found.
    • BM now has log in details to monitor the Herefordshire call for sites, the closing date for which is 15th September.
    • Kirkwells will draw up a map marking the Stoke Lacy call for sites.
  2. Issues and Options document.
    The latest version of the I&O document has been circulated. It was agreed that further updates would be distributed via Google Drive.
    • LK has sent through some areas for adjustment which will be completed and sent to Louise by 11th September. LK will then complete the final edit.
    • LK pointed out that the I&O must be approved by the Parish Council before it is distributed amongst the parish in advance of the public meetings.
    • BM and AW will ensure that I&O is on the agenda for approval at the parish council meeting on 14th October.
  3. Community Meeting Video. It was agreed that the video presentation should be based on the Lawrence Weston animation which has been shared amongst the group. https://vimeo.com/119366398 . Although the animation can be replaced with video and photographs the format of the video adapted for Stoke Lacy’s circumstances can be followed. MG suggested we also need to show a vision for how the village can evolve in terms of additional infrastructure like a play area, a shop etc. if further development take place. FL agreed to establish a sub-group including MG, AP and BM to work on the narration and story board. FL would arrange a meeting to take place in time for the next SG meeting on 16th September.
  4. Policies – draft ideas. LK explained that the policy ideas would emerge from the feedback after public consultation from the questions in the I&O and the community meeting scheduled for November. She emphasized the importance of honing the questions to be included in the I&O. The group had a brief discussion around the possibility of a play area, something which is highlighted in the Stoke Lacy Herefordshire SEA as being an area of need. It was agreed that this question should be asked in general terms and possibly with some suggested areas where a play area might be established. LK suggested that consideration be given to any views to protect, this should be limited to no more than 5, and must be from a road or public footpath, not a private view. MC asked if issues like design, heritage and new housing density should be considered through the questionnaire. LK explained that AECOM would advise on housing density on any sites offered.

MW reported on her conversation with Hereford Council regarding provision for the Traveller community. She had established that there is no need to allow provision in Stoke Lacy as the council’s targets are being met elsewhere.

  1. Communications Schedule. As the I&O will not be ready to be distributed with October’s Cider Press it was agreed that it can be distributed with the November Community Newsletter instead. BM will write something on the CFS and the rough timetable for the NDP for the October Cider Press, deadline 15th September.
  2. Any Other Business.

• Date for NDP SG members to send final input on I&O to BM – 10th September
• Date final adjustments on I&O BM to send to LK – 11th September
• MC asked that the draft NDP budget be added to the Stoke Lacy website. He also noted that further funds would need to be applied for by January 2021. Further work needs to be done to establish the costs of printing the I&O for distribution to the community. It was agreed that an abridged version of the document with the questions could be distributed to every household, with the full document on the website and some further printed copies available to view in the Church, Village Hall, pub and with a few copes to be leant out for short periods on request.

The meeting closed at 7.30pm

Future meetings

NDP Meetings Parish Council Mtgs
For info.
Date Time Location Meeting details
16th September 18:30 To be confirmed NDP Steering Group Wed 14th Oct 19.30
30th Sept 18:30 Plough Possible NDP Steering Group or Video meeting
7th Oct 18:30 Plough NDP Steering Group Wed 14th Oct 19:30
14th Oct 19:30 Village Hall Parish Council Meeting – Issues & Options Document approval
Wednesday 21st Oct 18:30 Plough? NDP Steering Group
28th Oct 18:30 Plough Issues & Options document. Distribution check point.
4th Nov 18:30 Plough? NDP Steering Group Wed 11th Nov 19:30
18th Nov 18:00
20:00 Village
Hall Community meeting
21st Nov 10:00
14:00 Village
Hall Community meeting
2nd Dec 18:30 Plough? NDP Steering Group Wed 9th Dec 19:30
6th Jan 18:30 Plough? NDP Steering Group
20th Jan 18:30 Plough? NDP Steering Group

Activities and suggested target dates:
Thursday 20th August Send all completed ‘Call for Sites’ proposals to AECOM (BM)
Monday 31st August Latest version of Issues and Options document completed and sent to Louise for review (SG & BM)
Wednesday 2nd September NDP SG – outline format, activities and owners for
Community Meeting (SG)
Friday 11th September Final draft of I&O to Louise
Wednesday 16th September SG meeting – check progress for Community Meeting preparation, update on Call for Sites & Issues & Options (SG)
Wednesday 30th September Possible SG or Video meeting (TBA)
Wednesday 7th October
Wednesday 21st October Possible SG meeting – progress check for Community Meeting and communications (SG)
Monday 26th October Advertise date of Community Meeting on Village hall & Freddie’s gate etc., (CL, MW)
Wednesday 28th October Commence distribution of Issues and Options document to all Stoke Lacy community for comments at November meeting (SG)
Wednesday 4th November NDP SG – check final preparations for Community meeting (SG)
Wednesday 11th November Parish Council Meeting (Possible NDP SG Checkpoint?)
Wednesday 18th November
NDP Community meeting 6pm to 8pm (SG)
Saturday 21st November
NDP Community meeting 10am to 2pm (SG)
November/December Collate all data from Community Meetings and update NDP documentation (All & LK)
January 2021 Finalise NDP Documentation
February 2021 Community Referendum