NDP SG Agenda 2nd Sep 2020


Stoke Lacy Parish – NDP Steering Group Meeting 2nd September 2020 6:30pm Village Hall

Attendees: Jo Davies, Meg Warren, James Wilson, Marcel Carrier, Bill Morgan, Alma Westwood, Carole Leonard, Fred Lewis, Ali Parker, Martyn Gillam


  1. Call for sites (brief review)
  2. Issues & Options document
  3. Community meeting video
  4. Policies – draft ideas
  5. Communications schedule
  6. AOB


NDP Meetings Parish Council Mtgspage2image51223296page2image51221184page2image51221952page2image51222528

Date Time  Location

Wed 18:30 7th Oct
Wed 18:30 4th Nov

Wed 18:00
18th Nov 20:00 page2image51223872 page2image51219456Hall

Meeting details For info.
NDP Steering Group Wed 12th Sep 19:30

NDP Steering Group Wed 14th Oct 19:30 NDP Steering Group Wed 11th Nov 19:30 Community meeting
Community meeting

NDP Steering Group Wed 9th Dec 19:30 NDP Steering Group
NDP Steering Grouppage2image51222720page2image51220992page2image51216384

Wed 18:30
2nd Sep page2image51221376 page2image51220032 page2image51219840Hall

Village Plough? Plough?page2image51224448page2image51217152page2image51223104page2image51224640page2image51224064page2image51222912page2image51224256page2image51224832page2image51225024page2image51225216page2image51225408page2image51225600


Sat 10:00
21st Nov 14:00 page2image51226368 page2image51226560Hall


Wed 18:30 2nd Dec
Wed 18:30 6th Jan

Wed 18:30 20th Jan

Plough? Plough? Plough?page2image51227328page2image51227520page2image51227712page2image51227904page2image51228096page2image51228288page2image51228480page2image51228672page2image51228864page2image51229056page2image51229248page2image51229440page2image51229632page2image51229824page2image51230016

Activities and suggested target dates:page2image51230208page2image51230400

Thursday 20th August

Monday 31st August

Wednesday 2nd September

Wednesday 16th September

Monday 28th September

Monday 5th October

Wednesday 7th October Wednesday 21st October

Wednesday 4th November

Wednesday 18th November Saturday 21st November November/December

January 2021 February 2021

Send all completed ‘Call for Sites’ proposals to AECOM (BM)
Latest version of Issues and Options document completed and sent to Louise for review (SG & BM)

NDP SG – outline format, activities and owners for Community Meeting (SG)
Possible SG meeting – check progress for Community Meeting preparation (SG)

Distribute final Issues and Options document to all Stoke Lacy community for comments at November meeting (SG) Advertise date of Community Meeting on Village hall & Freddie’s gate etc., (CL, MW)

NDP SG – check impact of communications (SG) Possible SG meeting – progress check for Community Meeting and communications (SG)
NDP SG – check final preparations for Community meeting (SG)
NDP Community meeting 6pm to 8pm (SG)
NDP Community meeting 10am to 2pm (SG)
Collate all data from Community Meetings and update NDP documentation (All & LK)
Finalise NDP Documentation
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