Agenda 30th September


Stoke Lacy Neighbourhood Development Plan Steering Group Meeting 30th September 2020 at 6:30 in the Plough (Social distanced)

Note: Due to social distancing, if members of the community wish to attend, please contact the Parish Clerk

Attendees: Jo Davies, Ali Parker, Carole Leonard, Meg Warren, Marcel Carrier, Freddie Lewis, Martyn Gillam, James Wilson, Alma Westwood, Bill Morgan


  1. Issues & Options document (BM)
  2. Call for sites – video call with AECOM (JD)
  3. Community meeting video (FL)
  4. Parish Council Meeting 14th October (BM)
  5. Communication methods and timescales (in view of new restrictions) (All)
  6. AOB

Future meetings

NDP MeetingsParish Council MtgsFor info.
DateTimeLocationMeeting details
Wed30th September18:30PloughNDP Steering GroupWed 14th Oct 19:30
Wed7th October18:30VideoNDP Steering Group 
Wed14th October18:30VideoNDP Steering GroupWed 14th October 19.30
Wed14th October19:30Video / Village Hall?Parish Council meeting to approve final version of I&O  
Wed21st October18:30VideoNDP Steering Group 
Wed4th November18:30VideoNDP Steering Group 
Wed11th November18:30Video NDP Steering Group 
Wed 11th November19:30Video / Village HallParish Council meeting 
Wed18th Nov18:0020:00VillageHall/VideoCommunity meetings/video/hall 
Sat21st Nov10:0014:00VillageHall/VideoCommunity meetings/video/hall 
Wed25th November18:30VideoNDP Steering Group 
Wed2nd Dec18:30Plough?NDP Steering GroupWed 9th Dec 19:30
Wed6th Jan18:30Plough?NDP Steering Group 
Wed20th Jan18:30Plough?NDP Steering Grou 

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