NDP SG Notes 16th Sep 2020

Stoke Lacy Neighbourhood Development Plan Steering Group Meeting 16th September 2020 via video conferencing call.


Attendees: Carole Leonard, Meg Warren, Marcel Carrier, Bill Morgan, Jo Davies, Freddie Lewis, Ali Parker, Martyn Gillam and James Wilson.
Apologies: Alma Westwood
Also, in attendance: Louise Kirk up

1) Issues and Options – update. LK has completed the latest version of I&O and this has been distributed to the steering group. BM asked that everyone review the document closely and suggestions for updates be notified to him by Wednesday 23rd September. A final document will be produced by 30th September for distribution to parish councillors and to be reviewed at the parish council meeting on 14th October.

• A discussion took place regarding some aspects of the I&O.
• It was agreed that the question regarding open space for recreation should be framed broadly to ask for suggestions as to whether this should include a specific play area and or seating. Any areas designated may be funded through new developments, sponsorship or via the precept by the parish council.
• It was agreed the provision of kissing gates on parish footpaths should be left to the parish council to address and BM suggested MW frame a question on this subject which he would ensure was included on the agenda for the 14th October parish council meeting.
• LK asked that FL revise the settlement boundaries for the final I&O document.
• LK asked that the SG particularly review p.22 of I&O for inclusion of views to be protected.
• MW clarified that the Wye Valley Brewery have 60 employees 6 of whom live in the parish rather than 100 as stated in the current I&O.
• MW still waiting for information from CPRE on protected hedgerows in the parish.

2) Call for Sites – video call with AECOM. BM has spoken to Tim Fearn, lead technical consultant from the AECOM team who will be Stoke Lacy’s contact. A video conferencing call has been set up for Wednesday23rd September at 10am. All who can are encouraged to attend, but some of the SG will be working so it won’t be possible. The meeting will be to give TF a broad idea of the parish and some of the background to the sites offered on the CFS.
• BM confirmed that 3 sites which have already been offered under the Stoke Lacy CFS have also been offered under the Herefordshire CFS. But none in addition to the 12 received. The closing date for Herefordshire CFS is 16th September.

3) Review communication methods and timescales (in view of new restrictions). Although current and possible more stringent restrictions make it unlikely that a public meeting as envisaged in the village hall can take place, BM still considers a video or PowerPoint presentation about the NDP useful. BM, FL and MG are due to meet tomorrow (17th) in the Plough to discuss.
• BM would like to continue with the timetable as planned but adaptations need to be made to the comms strategy in order to reach as many people as possible.
• LK is working on the abridged version of the I&O to be distributed to every householder. CL to assist with graphics. A discussion took place regarding the size of the abridged document, which will include questions and comments sections for householders to complete and return. It was agreed that the abridged I&O should be distributed separately from the Cider Press or Community Newsletter.
• CL suggested attaching a semi-permanent board beneath the current parish council noticeboard in the village hall car park which could be NDP specific with updates, maps and new information.
• Use of the Stoke Lacy Heritage page to point people towards the NDP website which should include a copy of the I&O and any other up to date information. Parish Council would need to agree this.
• Door to door calls on residents.
• JW offered to provide an 01885-contact number where individuals could leave a message for a member of the SG to contact them by phone to discuss the I&O
• Place hard copies of the full I&O at the church, village hall, Plough Inn etc and offer copies to be leant out to individuals without online access.
• Zoom or other video conferencing calls should be planned with access to the public of c. 1 hour.
• Although an open meeting may not be possible, it was agreed the SG should still plan for such a meeting in parallel with other plans for public consultation.
• Most importantly there should be clear and consistent communication about where information can be found and contact details for the public.

4) Any other business – Next meeting Wednesday 30th September via video conferencing call

Future meetings

NDP Meetings Parish Council Mtgs
For info.
Date Time Location Meeting details
30th September 18:30 Video NDP Steering Group Wed 14th Oct 19:30
7th October 18:30 Video NDP Steering Group
14th October 18:30 Video NDP Steering Group Wed 14th October 19.30
14th October 19:30 Video / Village Hall? Parish Council meeting to approve final version of I&O
21st October 18:30 Video NDP Steering Group
4th November 18:30 Video NDP Steering Group
11th November 18:30 Video NDP Steering Group
11th November 19:30 Video / Village Hall Parish Council meeting
18th Nov 18:00
20:00 Village
Hall/Video Community meetings
21st Nov 10:00
14:00 Village
Hall/Video Community meetings
25th November 18:30 Video NDP Steering Group
2nd Dec 18:30 Plough? NDP Steering Group Wed 9th Dec 19:30
6th Jan 18:30 Plough? NDP Steering Group
20th Jan 18:30 Plough? NDP Steering Group

Activities and suggested target dates:
Thursday 20th August Send all completed ‘Call for Sites’ proposals to AECOM (BM)
Monday 31st August Latest version of Issues and Options document completed and sent to Louise for review (SG & BM)
Wednesday 2nd September NDP SG – outline format, activities and owners for
Community Meeting (SG)
Friday 11th September Final draft of I&O to Louise
Wednesday 16th September SG meeting – check progress for Community Meeting preparation (SG)
Wednesday 23rd September Final adjustments to I&O
Wednesday 23rd September Video Call with AECOM
Friday 25th September Final comments to Louise (BM)
Monday 28th September Distribute final Issues and Options document to Stoke Lacy Parish Council for comments at November meeting (SG)
Wednesday 7th October
NDP SG – check impact of communications (SG)
Wednesday 14th October Parish Council approval for Issues & Options doc.
Thursday 15th October Advertise date of Community Meeting on Village hall & Freddie’s gate etc., (CL, MW)
Wednesday 21st October Possible SG meeting – progress check for Community Meeting and communications (SG)
Wednesday 4th November NDP SG – check final preparations for Community meeting (SG)
Wednesday 18th November NDP Community meeting 6pm to 8pm (SG)
Saturday 21st November NDP Community meeting 10am to 2pm (SG)
November/December Collate all data from Community Meetings and update NDP documentation (All & LK)
January 2021 Finalise NDP Documentation
February 2021 Community Referendum