NDP SG Notes 7th Oct 2020

Stoke Lacy Neighbourhood Development Plan Steering Group Meeting 7th October 2020 at 6:30pm over 3CX video call

Attendees: Jo Davies, Ali Parker, Carole Leonard, Meg Warren, James Wilson, Bill Morgan

Also in attendance: Louise Kirkup – (left after item 5)

Apologies: Alma Westwood, Freddie Lewis, Martyn Gillam

Guest: David Lovelace at 7:15


  1. Issues & Options document outstanding items (BM)
    1. JW to provide NDP phone line for callers 01885 448 102. Email : comments@stokelacy.co.uk
    1. View 3: From Newlands down towards the Bredenbury road taking in Hall Place and the Hop Kiln and across the valley towards Pencombe. The hedge still not cut so not visible. BM will try drone photography if possible.
  2. Community meeting video
  1. FL has circulated the script – BM has suggested some additions regarding next steps. He also suggested there needs to be something which encourages interaction with the project on similar lines to the I&O summary: Your Parish, Your future, Your Say.
    1. AP will do the voiceover, and editing, probably using Audacity software. JD to bring the oral history recording mic to the next meeting.
    1. AP asked for suggestions for photographs and video footage to supplement the animation.
    1. BM emphasized the importance of keeping momentum with this aspect of the project but more time can be devoted once the I&O has been distributed.
  2. Summary with questions and feedback
    1. Printer will produce 200 copies of the I&O and JW will print 250 additional questionnaires to go with each document.
    1. BM will print a letter from Janet Ivison to accompany the I&O. JD bring guillotine to next meeting.
    1. Changes to the document must be CL by tomorrow (8th) as she wants to collect the printed copies by Wed 14th in time for the next meeting. Give option to email returned documents to the comments email. 
    1. Post boxes will be placed at the Village hall and church for return of questionnaires.
    1. JW and BM will liaise over posting full and condensed I&O to the website.
    1. AP will record answer phone message for the telephone line. JW and AP.
    1. MW and JD will be emailed telephone messages and will co-ordinate response to any messages left.
    1. LK emphasized the importance of keeping a record of the number of calls and emails received also take a screenshot of the I&O when they appear on the website, as evidence of community involvement.
  3. Parish Council Meeting 14th October
    1. Once the parish council has formally approved the document I&O should be distributed on 14th and 15th October.
    1. JD has produced a list, which has been circulated by email, of households in the parish, these are divided into rounds for each member of the steering group to distribute.

LK left the meeting at 7.15pm

David Lovelace joined the meeting at 7.15pm

  • David Lovelace (Independent Landscape Historian)
  • BM – 3 issues need to be established a) What can DL offer to assist specifically with the NDP and the cost? b) Whether AECOM are covering some of the work already c) What can DL offer to the parish council in general?
  • DL explained briefly about his work as a landscape historian and his work with the CPRE and as an advisor to local NDP groups at Aymmestry and Bartestree and Lugwardine. 
  • He explained he could overlay various typed of mapping to establish areas of local importance such as the motte near Stoke Cross. His costs are £40 p/h. He estimates £320-£400 for the work.
  • It was agreed that BM/MW will send jpegs of the suggested settlement boundaries and the call for sites and DL will provide a quote as to what his costs would be regarding these areas only.
  • BM will then check that AECOM are not undertaking similar work.
  • The group will discuss the quote and whether the work is necessary and affordable to the NDP within the budget.

The meeting closed at 7.45pm

Future meetings

NDP MeetingsParish Council Mtgs For info.
DateTimeLocationMeeting details
Wed14th October18:30Village HallNDP Steering GroupWed 14th October 19.30
Wed14th October19:30Village HallParish Council meeting to approve final version of I&O 
Wed21st October18:30VideoNDP Steering Group 
Wed4th November18:30VideoNDP Steering Group 
Wed 11th18:30VideoNDP Steering Group 
Wed 11thNovember19:30Video / Village HallParish Council meeting 
Wed 18th Nov18:0020:00Village Hall/VideoCommunity meetings 
Sat21st Nov10:0014:00Village Hall/VideoCommunity meetings 
Wed 25thNovember18:30VideoNDP Steering Group 
Wed 2nd Dec18:30Plough?NDP Steering GroupWed 9th Dec 19:30
Wed 6th Jan18:30Plough?NDP Steering Group 
Wed 20th Jan18:30Plough?NDP Steering Group 

Activities and suggested target dates:

Thursday 20th August             Send all completed ‘Call for Sites’ proposals to AECOM


Monday 31st August                Latest version of Issues and Options document

completed and sent to Louise for review (SG & BM) Wednesday2nd September       NDP SG – outline format, activities and owners for

Community Meeting (SG)

Friday 11th September              Final draft of I&O to Louise

Wednesday 16th September Wednesday 23rd September

SG meeting – check progress for Community Meeting preparation (SG)

Final adjustments to I&O

Wednesday 23rd September     Video Call with AECOM

Friday 25th September              Final comments to Louise (BM)

Monday 28th September

Wednesday 7th October

Distribute final Issues and Options document to Stoke Lacy Parish Council for comments at November meeting (SG)

NDP SG – check impact of communications (SG)

Wednesday 14th October          Parish Council approval for Issues & Options doc.

Thursday 15th October Wednesday 21st October

Advertise date of Community Meeting on Village hall & Freddie’s gate etc., (CL, MW)

Possible SG meeting – progress check for Community Meeting and communications (SG)

Wednesday 4th NovemberNDP SG – check final preparations for Community meeting (SG)
Wednesday 18th NovemberNDP Community meeting 6pm to 8pm (SG)
Saturday 21st NovemberNDP Community meeting 10am to 2pm (SG)
November/DecemberCollate all data from Community Meetings and update NDP documentation (All & LK)
January 2021Finalise NDP Documentation
February 2021Community Referendum