NDP SG Notes 19th May


Stoke Lacy Neighbourhood Development Plan Steering Group Meeting 19th May 2021 at 6:30 over video call.

Attendees: Jo Davies, Ali Parker (attended part of the meeting by phone), Carole Leonard, Meg Warren, James Wilson,Bill Morgan, Louise Kirkup
Apologies: Martin Gillam, Freddie Lewis


1) Responses received to date (BM/MW)
C. 66 returns of the latest survey received. LK this is a good response.

  1. It has been noted that at least 2 of the forms have been completed by someone other than the householder. This is to be checked and the forms in question removed from the findings.
  2. There are at least three people who have indicated they wish to send in a response. It was decided to wait until the weekend of 22nd /23rd May to collate the findings. Although BM has done some initial bar charts.
  3. Once these have been collated and the comments noted. They will be posted to the SL website, posters will go up and the Cider Press email list will be notified that they are on line.
  4. A discussion took place about how the comments should be presented. LK advised summaries of comments but pointed out that all comments must be recorded and kept.
  1. 2)  There have been no website responses (JW)
  2. 3)  Financial projection for next stages. BM has devised a budget for 2021/2022 as circulated earlier.(BM + all)
  3. 4)  Groundworks Grant update. BM has applied for the full c.£7.9k grant from groundworks for the next partof the project. VAT issues now resolved and dealt with (BM)
  4. 5)  Impact of Council’s Phosphate Position Statement on NDP & planning. A discussion took place aboutthe new Herefordshire Council policy whereby dwellings may not be built with drainage within 200metres of an existing dwelling. This will mean no infill housing will be possible and may mean only larger estates in open countryside away from existing drainage may be possible. This seems to go against all Herefordshire Council core strategy regulations where development can only take place within agreed settlement boundaries. More clarification to be sought on this issue. (CL + all)
  5. 6)  AECOM Technical design codes (BM). There is a meeting on Thursday 20th with AECOM to discuss design codes. This will be attended by BM, LK and CL. These codes are to provide the framework for design of buildings, heights, views, open spaces and visual impact.

MW asked that advice is sought from AECOM about density of housing.

A discussion took place about how settlement boundaries could be drawn so as to allow limited development on some of the ‘approved’ sites rather than the maximum allowed by the AECOM results. Ie in one case 8 houses possible when only 2 were planned.
JD – could the SG investigate with Highways each of the sites to assess road safety and access issues.

  1. 7)  Next stages for NDP Doc. After the conclusions of the latest survey have been evaluated LK will continue to draft the NDP document.
  2. 8)  Agree provisional Date of Village Hall meeting (all) This item to be left until the next face to face meeting
    1. Village Hall meeting (all)
    2. What do we need to prepare?

i. Sign-in and COVID safety?

ii. James to lead? Louise and SG to support?
iii. NDP Questionnaire results (Charts & Comments)
iv. Food and drink? Cans, packet of crisps, biscuits (all COVID safe)

v. Flip charts to capture people’s views?

9) Next NDP SG meeting dates 9th June at The Plough – JW to confirm with Simon and Nardia.

10) AOB MW listed all the areas of the village from which completed surveys had been submitted. The date for a public meeting will be discussed once government restrictions have been lifted.

Proposed Future meetings NDP Meetings

Date Time

Wed 19:00 26th May

9th Jun 16:30 23rd Jun 16:30


Village Hall The Plough? The Plough

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Annual Parish Meeting & NDP NDP SG Meeting
NDP Sg meeting

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