NDP SG Agenda 9th June 6:30pm


Stoke Lacy Neighbourhood Development Plan Steering Group Meeting 9th June 2021 at 6:30 in Plough and Louise over video call.

Attendees: Jo Davies, Ali Parker, Carole Leonard, Meg Warren, Martyn Gillam, James Wilson, Bill Morgan, Freddie LewisLouise Kirkup


  1. 1)  Groundworks Grant update (BM)
  2. 2)  Review of Sites for recommendations to Parish Council
  3. 3)  Impact of Council’s Phosphate Position Statement on NDP & planning (CL + all)
  4. 4)  AECOM Technical design codes (BM)
  5. 5)  Next stages for NDP Doc (LK)
  6. 6)  Agree provisional Date of Village Hall meeting pending announcements on 14th June (all)
    1. Village Hall meeting (all)
    2. What do we need to prepare?i. Sign-in and COVID safety?
      ii. James to lead? Louise and SG to support?iii. NDP Questionnaire results (Charts & Comments)
      iv. Food and drink? Cans, packet of crisps, biscuits (all COVID safe)
  1. 7)  Next NDP SG meeting dates
  2. 8)  OAB

Proposed Future meetings NDP Meetings

Date Time 9th Jun 16:30

14th Jun
rd Jun 16:30


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Meeting details

NDP SG Meeting
Confirm Parish meeting date NDP SG meeting

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Activities and suggested target dates:
Jul 2021 
Community meetings in Village Hall

Aug 2021 Community referendum?page1image2563776page1image2563968page1image2564160page1image2564352page1image2564544page1image2564736