NDP Steering Group Agenda 1st July 2020

Stoke Lacy Parish – NDP Steering Group Meeting 1st July 2020

Video Conference 

Attendees: Jo Davies, Meg Warren, James Wilson, Marcel Carrier, Bill Morgan, Alma Westwood, Carole Leonard, Fred Lewis



  1. Update on funding
  2. Settlement Boundaries
  3. Issues & Options
  4. Communicating with the Parish
  5. Call for sites – Localities
  6. AOB

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DateTimeLocationMeeting details
Wed 1st Jul18:30TBANDP Steering GroupWed 8th Jul 19:30
Wed 5th Aug18:30PloughNDP Steering GroupWed 12th Aug 19:30
Wed2nd Sep18:30PloughNDP Steering GroupWed 9th Sep 19:30
Wed 7th Oct18:30PloughNDP Steering GroupWed 14th Oct 19:30
Wed 4th Nov18:30PloughNDP Steering GroupWed 11th Nov 19:30
Wed 2nd Dec18:30PloughNDP Steering GroupWed 9th Dec 19:30