NDP SG Notes 3rd November 2021

Stoke Lacy Neighbourhood Development Plan Steering Group Meeting 3rd November 2021 at 7pm

Attendees:  Meg Warren, Bill Morgan, Jo Davies, John Davies, Carole Leonard

Attending via Telephone: Louise Kirkup

Apologies: Ali Parker

Also attending: Janet Ivison and Anne Reece

Bill Morgan chaired the meeting.


  1. Previous notes & Outstanding actions. BM proposed that in view of Christmas approaching and tight deadlines to meet the target of a parish meeting on 19th and 22nd January the SG should have the NDP Reg 14 doc and design codes completed to send to Herefordshire Council by 30th November.
  2. JW and JD – no progress on settlement boundaries. JD and JoD will address settlement boundaries and update by 11thNovember.
  3. MW has consulted Sam Banks on whether or not to include gardens in settlement boundaries. Conclusion: Include gardens exclude paddocks.
  4. MW circulated design codes for review.
  5. The SG returned comments to MW on DCs by 29th October and MW forwarded them to AECOM.
  6. MW asked Sam Banks about a management plan for the SL conservation area. SB confirmed there is no plan and there is no requirement to formulate one as part of the NDP process.
  7. MW is awaiting feedback regarding the extent of the SL settlement boundary from AECOM.
  8. BM is working on outstanding items from NDP Reg 14 document.
  9. JD is yet to start preparations for a flyer to promote the parish in January.
  10. BM has confirmed that Sam Banks can attend the meeting on 19th and LK can attend on 22nd. Linda Wilcox cannot attend either meeting.
  11. MW provided items for display at the village breakfast.
  12. Update on progress on NDP Reg 14 Document

BM working on the outstanding areas of the document including green spaces. LK confirmed that ‘green spaces’ are specific small identifiable areas not the general open countryside which is protected anyway under the core strategy. Therefore, it was agreed the green spaces in the parish are Netherwood and the church burial ground. BM to write to the owners of these areas, The Woodland Trust and Stoke Lacy PCC. JoD to forward contact details to BM. Once the NDP document is updated, the SG must examine that and the design guidance document and ensure the two align. LK will assist with this. BM to complete by 11th November and the SG to feedback for completion and forwarding to the parish council by 18th November.

  • Update on AECOM Technical design codes. 

MW has forwarded the comments to AECOM. Simon Armitage returned from holiday on 1st November. MW will contact SA on Thursday 4th November and emphasise the urgency of the completion and return of the updated document. LK will update the policies following amendments to the DC document. The DCs must go to Localities for approval, but this is largely a rubber-stamping process.

(LK left the meeting at 7.38pm)

  • Plans/preparations for Parish Meetings.

The Parish Meetings on 19th and 22nd of January will begin the 6-week Regulation 14 consultation period. LK has a plan of the other consultations which must be made as well as the public consultation.

Publicity should be done through the newly launched Cider Press from December 2021 – Robin and Riitta Henshall have agreed to take this on. The Community Newsletter and by the committee going door to door with flyers advertising the meetings.

The meetings themselves must demonstrate what the NDP process is, what steps have been taken during the process including surveys, consultations etc. and the call for sites process. There will be a line of display boards down the centre of the village hall on which the NDP document and the DCs will be displayed.

Names of those who attend must be taken and feedback must be elicited from those who attend and recorded.

MW suggested the SG resurrect and update the video which FL and AP worked on in October 2020. This could be an additional resource for the meetings.

JW to host the meetings with SB and LK in attendance. All members of the SG to be on hand to explain and to collect feedback.

In addition to the public meeting SG to approach individuals who are unable to attend to offer the opportunity to examine and comment on the NDP document. JI to suggest members of the public who may not have access to the internet or who will not be able to attend the meetings. Important that all members of the community have the opportunity to feedback.

It was agreed that the Parish Council will need to have an extraordinary meeting in December as the document will not be ready for their approval by the time of the next scheduled meeting on 10th November.

  • Review actions from meeting.
  • JD and JoD to complete settlement boundaries with gardens and without paddocks by 11th November. (CL and LK to email maps to JD and JoD for completion).
  • BM to complete outstanding items for NDP Reg 14 by 11th November.
  • MW to contact SA at AECOM on 4th November and chase up amendments.
  • Design Codes Guidance and NDP document to be aligned and completed by 18th November.
  • LK to complete policies for the documents.
  • JoD to send contact details to BM for Woodland Trust and PCC.
  • JD to start design of flyer
  • JI to suggest members of the public who may need to be approached in person regarding consultation.
  • Agree next NDP SG Meeting date.

Next SG meeting Tuesday 9th November – and possibly weekly from now on to retain momentum and meet deadline of 30th November for submission of documents to Hereford Council.

The meeting closed at 8.20pm.

Proposed Future meetings

NDP MeetingsParish Council MtgsFor info.
DateTimeLocationMeeting details
Tuesday9th November7:00PloughNDP SG meeting  
Monday15thNovember ?7:00PloughNDP SG meeting  
Tuesday23rdNovember ?7:00PloughNDP SG meeting  
Tuesday 30thNovember ?7:00PloughNDP SG meeting  
Tuesday7thDecember ?7:00PloughNDP SG meeting  
Tuesday 14thDecember ?7:00PloughNDP SG meeting  
Tuesday21stDecember ?7:00PloughNDP SG meeting  
Tuesday4th January20227:00PloughNDP SG meeting  
Tuesday11th January 20227.00PloughNDP Steering Group 
Tuesday18th January20227:00Village HallNDP SG meeting  
Tuesday 25th January20227:00PloughNDP SG meeting  

Activities and suggested target dates:

19th and 22ndJanuaryCommunity meetings in Village Hall
March 2021Community referendum?

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