NDP SG Notes 25th August 2021

Stoke Lacy Neighbourhood Development Plan Steering Group Meeting 25th August 2021 at 7:00

Attendees: Carole Leonard, Meg Warren, James Wilson, Bill Morgan, Jo Davies, 

Apologies: Ali Parker, Freddie Lewis


1) Update on Reg 14

Sam advises not to include settlement at Cricks Green

The balance of relative sizes of development between the two settlements controversial.

Infill and odd houses preferable

Agenda โ€“ Settlement boundaries & gardens or no gardens?

Agreed โ€“ include gardens

Density โ€“ key to on design codes

AECOM โ€“ tech design codes

Simon is progressing with heritage assessment

On target by mid sept.

Postponement of meeting helpful to manage deadline

2) Review of policies 

MW โ€“ Sam Banks gave script for policy 1 

To beef up Policy 1

Other policies

All review MW & CL

3) Agreed Prediction for Windfall – 4 reasonable number for windfall up to 2031

4) Recommendations to PC

Final sites Crossfield & Hopton Lane + windfall only

Parish Meeting

Combine into final consultation with referendum

Draft policies

Email from localities to assess (funding)

Tim Fern coming to perform site visit for additional site in September

Process going forward

  • Formal Consultation
  • 6 weeks
  • HC agree it
  • Referendum
  • Delay decision until end September
  • Then decide on date for public meeting when drafts of design codes received mid October.

Open spaces โ€“ need to confirm whether Newlands open spaces are for the whole parish or just the residents there.

Paul from Sanctuary

Open spaces / green spaces โ€“ otherwise Netherwood and churchyard

AOB โ€“ None

Date next meeting: 15th Sept โ€“ 2 weeks

Wed 7pm

Proposed Future meetings

NDP MeetingsParish Council MtgsFor info.
DateTimeLocationMeeting details
TBA7:00 Village HallCommunity NDP meeting 

Activities and suggested target dates: