NDP SG Notes 24th November 2021


Stoke Lacy Neighbourhood Development Plan Steering Group Meeting 24th November 2021 at 7 pm.

Steering Group Attendees: Bill Morgan, Jo Davies, John Davies, James Wilson and Ali Parker.
Also attending from the parish council: Janet Ivison and Anne Reece.
By video Link: Louise Kirkup.

Three members of the public also attended.

Due to poor video link and time constraints, it was agreed that items involving LK would be dealt with first.

1) Previous notes & Outstanding actions.

All these had either been completed or were items listed on the agenda.

  1. 2)  Progress on Design Codes. BM had spoken to Simon Hargreaves from AECOM about Version 3 of the Design Codes. He had concerns that the views included in the NDP document might not be ‘substantial’ enough for Herefordshire Council.
  2. 3)  Progress on NDP Regulation 14 document.a) LK explained that some of the queries in the recent comments on the document from JD needed local knowledge to resolve. She also pointed out that whilst she appreciated the desire to ‘strengthen’ the polices with words like ‘must’ these were likely to be rejected in the consultation process by Herefordshire Council who would prefer terms like ‘where appropriate/where possible’. It was agreed that the SG would prefer the strongest possible terms but were prepared for adjustment by the council. b) JI pointed out that locally Upper Woodend is known as Woodend Farm. This is in conflict with official mapping. It was agreed all reference to the property in the document would be listed as ‘Upper Woodend known locally as Woodend Farm’.c) All further comments and amendments to be submitted to LK by Friday 26th November so the completed document can be approved by the parish council and submitted to Hereford Council on 30th November.LK left the meeting at 7.25pmd) One member of the public suggested that given the current planning application it would be a good idea to publish the design codes and the latest version of the NDP document on the parish council website. This would help the parishioners to formulate their comments regarding the application. The steering group agreed to this. BM to upload the design codes and the latest draft NDP regulation 14 document on to the website as soon as possible.

4) Video – do we proceed or not?

A discussion took place about various options and it was agreed if there were time, a video could add an additional element to communicating the message to the parish. It was agreed that the original purpose of the video had now changed and so it might have to appear in a completely different format, length and content. JD and AP to liaise over possible options.

5) Timescales/ Next milestones.

  1. a)  Comments on NDP reg 14 by Friday 26th
  2. b)  To parish council for approval on 29th November
  3. c)  To Herefordshire Council by 30th November
  4. d)  Next meeting of the steering group 7 pm 8th December at The Plough.

6) Ideas on layout for Parish Meetings.
One member of the public felt that the entire NDP document and Design Codes should be displayed in full as posters. It was agreed that the full document and codes will be available as hard copy and on the website for examination by the public the community meetings and they will be encouraged to read in full. However, the poster display will focus more specifically on the process so far and particular areas where public comments are needed to better inform the final document.
BM circulated an example of a NDP A5 document from Canon Frome, the format of which could be used to circulate amongst the parish either at the public meetings or in advance of the referendum.


General discussions

  1. a)  A member of the public asserted that it would be preferable if there were no settlement boundaries drawn in Stoke Lacy and Stoke Cross and that scattered development in CA3 was preferable.
  2. b)  ThesamememberofthepublicrequestedthatLKbeaskedaboutcontradictionsbetweenthedesign code document and the NDP and contradictions in the NDP itself. BM to contact LK regarding these comments.
  3. c)  It was requested that Sam Banks be contacted to establish what weight the NDP in its current form would have in relation to the new planning application in Stoke Cross. Also, that she be contacted to notify the steering group what the current level of housing supply is county wide. BM to contact SB about these matters.

The meeting closed at 8.23pm.

Actions: –

  1. a)  All comments and amendments to NDP Reg 14 document to LK by Friday 26th November.
  2. b)  BMtouploadlatestversionoftheDesignCodeDocumentandthelatestDraftoftheNDPdocument to the parish council website.
  3. c)  BM to contact LK about apparent contradictions between DCs and NDP and within the NDPitself.
  4. d)  BMtocontactSBabouttheinfluenceoftheNDPinitscurrentformontheplanningprocessand to establish Herefordshire council 5-year housing supply figures.

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