NDP SG Notes 19th October 2021

Stoke Lacy Neighbourhood Development Plan Steering Group Meeting 19th October 2021 at 7pm

Attendees: James Wilson, Meg Warren, Bill Morgan, Jo Davies, John Davies

Apologies: Ali Parker, Louise Kirkup, Carole Leonard

Also attending: Janet Ivison and Anne Reece


  1. Welcome to new member. JW welcomed JD, who has joined the steering group. Mainly to assist with the preparation and planning for the public meeting.
  2. Previous notes and outstanding actions.
  3. Settlement boundaries to be finalised. JW and Emma Higgins together with JD will produce these. Require clarification about whether or not gardens are to be included in the settlement boundaries. MW to consult Sam Banks about the inclusion of gardens or not. Gardens included in settlement boundaries will be deemed brown field sites and therefore inclusions of large gardens may make development easier.
  4. Design Codes – MW coordinating and liaising with AECOM. MW to circulate full design code document to all SG members on 20th October. All SG members to read and submit comments (with page number references) to MW by Friday 29th October. MW also to consult Sam Banks on whether the SG should produce a management plan for the conservation area in Stoke Lacy. MW to clarify with AECOM and Sam Banks as to whether the SL settlement boundary should be limited to the conservation area or widened to include other dwellings along the A465.  The current target for AECOM to submit the final DC report is the end of November.
  5. CL awaiting completion of Design Codes before completing the NDP.
  6. Green spaces – BM has had clarification that the two areas of open space at Newlands are open to the general public. Therefore, green spaces will be designated as the two areas at Newlands in Stoke Cross and Netherwood in Stoke Lacy.
  7. Localities update and site 13. AECOM have completed their site assessment for the late submitted site opposite Newlands on the A465. They have deemed the site unsuitable for development. The landowner’s agent has been notified.
  8. Update on progress on NDP Reg 14 Document (CL) – No further progress. Awaiting Design Code Report completion. BM to consult with CL about steps forward.
  9. Update on AECOM Technical design codes. MW had received some feedback regarding the design codes and reviewed the document herself. She had made some comments regarding the conservation area and the dark skies policy and adjusted some of the wording regarding access to Woodend Lane. JD commented on some wording regarding Meadow Farm on Hopton Lane which MW noted. MW awaits all comments by 29th October.
  10. Proposed new dates for Parish Meeting and formal consultation. A discussion took place and it was agreed that the SG are aiming for public meetings on Wednesday 19th January (7pm -9pm) and Saturday 22nd January (2pm to 4pm). The meeting will be a final consultation with the public before Regulation 14. It will include consultation on Design Codes.
  11. Plans / preparation for Parish Meetings. JD to produce a one-page flyer for distribution to each household. The flyer will publicise the meeting dates and the documents on the website – The NDP document and Design Codes. It will offer the opportunity for those without internet access to have sight of hard copies of the documents if required. Publicity can also be done through the re-launched Cider Press in December and the Community Newsletter in January.

BM to consult with LK and Linda Wilcox from HALC and Sam Banks as to their availability on those dates.

  • AOB. MW to provide BM with ten pages of the design code document which give a flavour of the document for display at the village hall breakfast on Saturday 23rd October.
  • Review actions from meeting
  • JW and JD to complete settlement boundaries
  • MW to consult Sam Banks on inclusion of gardens in the settlement boundaries
  • MW to circulate Design code document for review by SG
  • SG members to review and return comments to MW by 29th October.
  • MW to consult Sam Banks on a management plan for the conservation area.
  • MW to consult with Sam Banks and AECOM ABOUT THE LIMIT OF THE Stoke Lacy settlement boundary.
  • BM to consult with CL about progress with NDP draft.
  • JD to begin preparation of a flyer for distribution regarding the public meetings.
  • BM to ask LK, LW and SB if available for public meetings.
  • MW to submit items for display at the village breakfast.
  • Agree date(s) of the next SG Meeting.  3rd and 24th November at 7pm at The Plough Inn.

The meeting closed at 8.27pm.

Proposed Future meetings

NDP MeetingsParish Council MtgsFor info.
DateTimeLocationMeeting details
Wednesday 3rd November7:00PloughNDP SG meeting  
Wednesday 24thNovember7:00 PloughNDP SG meeting  
Wednesday8th December7:00 PloughNDP Steering GroupTBC
Wednesday 5th January 20227.00PloughNDP Steering GroupTBC

Activities and suggested target dates:

19th and 22ndJanuaryCommunity meetings in Village Hall
March 2021Community referendum?