NDP SG Notes 12th November 2021


Stoke Lacy Neighbourhood Development Plan Steering Group Meeting 12th November 2021 at 6.30pm

Attendees: Meg Warren, Bill Morgan, Jo Davies, John Davies, Carole Leonard, James Wilson Apologies: Ali Parker and Anne Reece
Also attending: Janet Ivison

1) Previous notes & Outstanding actions.

a) JD and JoD to complete settlement boundaries with gardens and without paddocks by
11th November. (CL and LK to email maps to JD and JoD for completion). Actioned new settlement boundaries completed and emailed to the group.
BM to complete outstanding items for NDP Reg 14 by 11th November, these have been done and sent round to the group for comments and adjustments.
Some of the group have sent comments. JD strongly against the use of the word ‘re-wilding’ as this is controversial and not appropriate for this area. Group felt it could be reworded.
MW strongly feels SL9 needs to be strengthened to clarify the number of dwellings meant by ‘small in scale’. She raised the idea of strengthening further policies on this subject. It was agreed that MW and CL would identify specific areas where re-drafting of policies would be appropriate and some re-ordering of the NDP document so that it had a better flavour of Stoke Lacy in line with the Design Codes. MW and CL to re-draft suggested changes in conjunction with JD who will submit them to BM for final drafting by LK with the other amendments. The deadline of 18th November remains.
BM Left the meeting.

c) MW to contact SA at AECOM on 4th November and chase up amendments. MW has spoken to AECOM and submitted all the groups comments. Some of those relating to style and grammar cannot be adjusted for as they go against the formats that AECOM require.
d) Design Codes Guidance and NDP document to be aligned and completed by 18th November. To be completed by 18th November.

  1. e)  LK to complete policies for the documents.Outstanding
  2. f)  JoD to send contact details to BM for Woodland Trust and PCC. Completed.
  3. g)  JD to start design of flyer – JD distributed a first draft of ideas for the flyer for the January

public meetings.
JI to suggest members of the public who may need to be approached in person regarding consultation. JI has names and will pass to the group in time for the consultations.

2) Video Progress. AP has agreed that she could assist with editing the video. Some discussion took place about how the video could be amended from the original version. JD, JW also offered to assist BM where necessary and required.

  1. 3)  Settlement Boundaries. See actions above.
  2. 4)  Timescales next deadlines. The NDP Reg 14 Document will be presented to the Parish Council prior

to being submitted to Herefordshire Council.

The meeting closed at 8.00pm.

Proposed Future meetings NDP Meetings

Date Time

Wednesday 7:00 24th
November Monday 29th 7:00 November

Wednesday 7:00 8th December

Wednesday 7.00 5th January



Village Hall

Plough Plough

Meeting details

NDP SG meeting

Extraordinary meeting of the parish council

NDP Steering Group NDP Steering Group

Parish Council Mtgs For info.

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Activities and suggested target dates:
th and 22nd Community meetings in Village Hall January
March 2021 
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